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Winter relaxation in Val di Fassa

What awaits you during a holiday in Val di Fassa?

We tell you here....

It will be an unforgettable sight to walk on paths covered by fresh snow, immersed in enchanting woods, the true charm of the Dolomites!
You will have the opportunity to experience a magical holiday, to fill up with energy and positivity!

A holiday with us at the Sonne Sole hotel, with many services dedicated to all our guests, including our small and well-kept wellness center with indoor pool, because being on vacation means feeling in harmony and health.
Our staff at the weellness center will be able to take care of you by offering you moments of relaxation for the care of body and mind, a warm private and exclusive atmosphere, all with natural materials and an attentive and detailed sanitation service in every corner of the hotel. so that your holiday is at the maximum safety and tranquility.

Every corner of our hotel has been studied and cared for in every corner by us thanks to the constant and present supervision of Sabine: this ensures that nothing is ever forgotten or neglected: the care of the garden and of the balconies always in bloom precisely because it is so traditional. of the mountains and so also because pleasure of the eyes and pleasure of the heart, a beautiful, cheerful, pleasant world, an almost special place.

A unique holiday for the surprising views, and for a nature that is tinged with colors in autumn, and then gives way to the white snow that will soon arrive!
Moments that enchant and excite await you, a territory to experience and get to know through the various activities that the Val di Fassa, and beyond, offers, to be practiced on marked trails in the woods, on more inaccessible paths up to high, to reach the high peaks that rise into the blue sky, fishing trips with our trusted companions Dennis and Sebastian, to try your hand at something unusual but to spend an alternative afternoon.
Excursions in Val di Fassa, the magic of winter in the Dolomites, protagonists of your holiday the beauty and majesty of the landscape, the snow and the blue of the sky help you to switch off, regeneration and relaxation moments of infinite pleasure far from life daily.

The family management of our Sonne Sole hotel with discreet and elegant environments, with the pleasant scent of the mountains, for romantic weekends for couples, warmth and a sense of intimacy that mountain environments can convey, the romantic crackle of candles and traditional cuisine but refined that will brighten up your evenings.