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The Great War and the Dolomites

The Great War and the Dolomites

For lovers not only of sport but also of culture, the Fassa Valley contains a lot of history, mostly linked to the time of the Great War, the First World War.

August 1914: The Fassa Valley, at the time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, saw the beginning of one of the most dramatic experiences in its history and which will forever mark its territory, culture and daily life. Starting in 1915, in fact, the valley became a real theatre of conflict between the Austro-Hungarian Army and the Royal Italian Army who concentrated their troops principally on the Marmolada, Costabella and Cima Bocche, mountains that became front lines in a few places with only a few tens of metres separating the two armies.

For all those who love history, a lot of finds discovered in trenches dug into the rock or ground, or in the many remnants of barracks, as well as relics of war, are on display in museums curated by local enthusiasts and historians.

Some of the war sites, such as the historical routes in the San Pellegrino area, can be visited and are permanently curated by the “Sul fronte dei Ricordi" historical association, while others are currently under restoration but can be visited anyway. Some sites, though, such as the legendary "City of Ice", have been closed forever by the inexorable action of nature and, in this specific case, by the Marmolada Glacier which preserves in its bowels forever the memories of those who experienced in that brave outpost moments of life, of action and of human heroism.

Here are some of the trails and places where   historical finds are displayed:

  • The "Finestrola" Museum and Fort Someda
  • High Route of the crests of Costabella
  • Fango and Galleria di Ricoleta
  • Ciampac, San Nicolò Pass and Val Contrin
  • Col Magherita – Mariota High Route
  • Pian Trevisan, Ciamorciaa, Col di Bousc and Fedaia
  • Pian dei Fiacconi, Forcella Marmolada
  • Alba, Contrin Refuge and Ombretta Pass
  • Padon Pass and Ferrata delle Trincee
  • Pian Trevisan, Fedaia, War Museum and “Trincerone del Nido” trench
  • Lusia, Gronton and cima Bocche
  • San Nicolò, "Strada dei Rusci" and Passo Paschè
  • Pian dei Fiacconi, Serauta