The Dolomites and the Enrosadira

Enrosadira is a Ladin word describing the landscape of the Dolomites changing with flaming colours. Translated literally, the word means “becoming pink”.

At all latitudes, the most striking moments of the day during your holiday in the Fassa Valley will be the dawn and the sunset, when the sky is tinged with colours that will warm your heart and soul. In Trentino, the Enrosadira colours the Dolomites with unforgettable hues.

The Enrosadira is, in fact, the phenomenon of the reddening of the Dolomites, which at Sunset go from orange to purple, before slowly giving way to the blueness of the night.


This is because the Dolomites are composed of rock made of calcium carbonate and magnesium, and when the peaks are hit by rays of light, at dawn or sunset, they develop so many intense hues.