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Other routes in MTB in Fassa valley

Other Mountain Bike routes in the Fassa Valley

Val di Fassa Classic: This is the original route of the “Rampilonga”, the first Italian MTB race. The trail starts from Moena and reaches the wonderful Alpe di Lusia panoramic balcony, before descending to the bottom of the valley passing Soraga, Pozza and Vigo di Fassa and returning to Moena.

Route length: 50.15 km

Route time: 6 hrs 20 min.

Moena - Alpe di Lusia - Colvere - Soraga –Moena: This route starts from and finishes at Moena, using the trails of the famous Val di Fassa Bike race. This is a simpler version compared to the two racing routes described earlier, with the possibility of ascending the Alpe di Lusia using the lift facilities. From here, once you reach Colvere, turn left until you reach I Ronchi, where the Lusia cable car valley station is located and from where you can easily reach firstly Someda and then Soraga, before returning along the bicycle trail to Moena where the route ends.

Route length: 21.7 km

Route time: 4 hrs 30 min.

Moena - Passo Carezza - Soraga – Moena: The route, consisting almost entirely of forest roads running through the woods, allows you to reach the province of Trento and that of Bolzano (Passo Carezza) and to return to the suggestive and panoramic village of Tamion, in the municipality of Vigo di Fassa.

Route length: 19.65 km

Route time: 2 hrs 20 min.

Pozza - Val San Nicolò - Val Monzoni: The route winds along the beautiful and uncontaminated valley of San Nicolò, with an interesting deviation along the Monzoni Valley, until you reach the eponymous mountain hut, which can be a pleasant place to rest. Returning to the valley of San Nicolò, the trail leads to Baita alle Cascate, along a picturesque forest road called the “Strada di Rusci”. You can return along the asphalt road.

Route length: 21.50 km

Route time: 2 hrs 45 min.

Pozza - Mazzin - Monzon – Gardeccia: This itinerary allows you to warm up your muscles taking a slight incline to the left along the Avisio, from the Marcialonga track to the town of Mazzin. From here, it returns south to reach the panoramic part of Moncion, before shortly afterwards becoming a dirt road leading to Gardeccia. After a suitable stop at one of the on-site points of refreshment, you return to the bottom of the valley, passing through the village of Pera.

Route length: 20.50 km

Route time: 2hrs 45 min.

Alba di Canazei - Rifugio Contrin: The route, which is the same in both directions, is challenging in the beginning and at the end, both due to the incline and when reaching the bottom. It leads to the Contrin refuge, an excellent spot for panoramic views and refreshment at the foot of the southern slope of the Marmolada, the Queen of the Dolomites.

Route length: 10.90 km

Route time: 1 hrs 10 min.

Canazei - Mortic - Pecol – Canazei: Starting from the centre of Canazei, and leaving behind you the little church of San Floriano on the right, you climb up along the dirt road until you get to a 8° bend. You then continue for about three hundred metres along an asphalt path until you reach a 9° bend where you take the dirt road facing you. You continue along the dirt road, which in places becomes quite steep. At the top of the ascent, you continue for a couple of kilometres until you encounter a trail in the woods to your left marked “Canazei”. The descent starts from here, along a dirt road with a few technically challenging passages. At the end of the descent, you turn right onto the cycle path and return to Canazei.

Route length: 7.30 km

Route time: 1 hrs 50 min.

Val di Fassa Marathon: This is the long route of the classic “Rampilonga”, that follows the same route as the Val di Fassa Classic (901) until beginning the return on the outskirts of Soraga, from where it extends toward Passo Carezza and then returns to the finish line at Moena, passing through the villages of Peniola and Medil.

Route length: 61.00 km

Route time: 7 hrs 30 min.

Moena - Passo San Pellegrino - Rifugio Fuciade: This is a short and easy route for those not familiar with the MTB. It runs entirely along the outside perimeter of the town of Pozza di Fassa, both on public roads and on forest roads.

Route length: 29.50 km

Route time: 3 hrs 30 min.

Canazei - Campitello - Val Duron: From the swimming pool at Canezei, you reach Campitello along the Marcialongo track, and going through the Duran Valley from here, the unspoiled village of Pian. The Micheluzzi refuge, a refreshment point at an altitude of 1,850 metres, marks the end of the most difficult stretch. The route continues from here until it reaches the Duron Pass. The return takes the same way, avoiding the Pian and descending directly to Campitello and Canazei.

Route length: 24.50 km

Route time: 3 hrs 05 min.

Pozza di Fassa: This is a short and easy route for those not familiar with the MTB. It runs entirely along the outside perimeter of the town Pozza di Fassa, both on public roads and on forest roads.

Route length: 4.90 km

Route time: 25 min.

Canazei - Penia - Pian Trevisan: A route of medium difficulty that runs through the elevated Fassa Valley, passing the villages of Alba and Penia and reaching the Villetta Maria hotel/restaurant, a traditional point of departure for excursions to Lake Fedaia and Marmolada.

Route length: 15.25 km