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Culture in the Fassa Valley

Culture in the Fassa Valley

An ancient Ladin land with unique and sensational flavours. This is how you can describe in a few words the Fassa Valley, which brings together centuries of legends, stories, history, art, culture, language, folklore, cuisine, perfumes, habits and customs: A holiday in the Fassa Valley is synonymous with excellence and authentic aromas.

The cuisine and culinary traditions

A stay at the Hotel Sonne Sole in Vigo di Fassa means letting yourself be pampered by the typical flavours of Ladin cuisine enhanced with excellent Trentino wines, and the local flavours are the stars of the “A tavola con la Fata delle Dolomiti” (Dining with the Fairy of the Dolomites) gastronomic week that takes place every year in the vicinity of Moena, the place of production of the famous “Puzzone” cheese.

The Krampus and San Nicolò

An annual symbol of culture and tradition for the people of Fassa is 6 December, the day of San Nicolò on which all the towns renew the ancient tradition of celebrating San Nicolò, who together with his two angels walks the streets of the Fassa Valley casting out the diabolical and terrifying creatures known as the “krampus”, and entering the houses to distribute toys and gifts for the young children after having listened to their prayers.

The Ladin Carnival

The Ladin Carnival in the Fassa Valley is an ancient tradition that has remained untouched until today and has its origins in a past when life depended on the passage of the seasons, when the end of winter marked the advent of the beautiful spring season and was celebrated with ritual feasts. Of all the traditions of the valley, the Ladin Carnival is undoubtedly the most anticipated and fascinating, involving young and old in a mysterious game of masks, the famous “facères”, sculpted in wood by the sculptors of the Fassa Valley.

During carnival week, all the valley is involved with this event: locals and tourists become participants in funny games and jokes, even on the ski slopes.

According to tradition, the Ladin Carnival originates in Canazei and in Alba, where the protagonists are known as the "mascherèdes": "Bufon", the "Laché" and the "Marascons". These masks and typical characters are also found in the famous parade that is organised every year at Campitello di Fassa on the last Sunday of carnival.

Other typical Ladin Carnival characters are known as the "l’om dal bosch" and the "coscrit te ceston" that we also find in other towns in the valley such as Pozza di Fassa, Vigo di Fassa and Soraga.