Summer 2020 holiday safety

In this document we list the hygienic-behavioral rules to be maintained during your holiday in Trentino and in our hotel.

General rules

Outdoors in Trentino there is no longer an obligation to wear the mask in the presence of relatives or people with whom you have frequent relationships, with unknown people you must keep the safety distance of 1 meter or wear the mask if you are unable to maintain it.
From this it follows that the mask must always be carried with you.
To enter shops and closed places open to the public there is an obligation to wear a mask and hand disinfection at the entrance.
The use of gloves is not mandatory.

Rules to be adopted in the hotel

During the entire stay in the hotel, the mask must always be worn correctly (nose and mouth covered) with the exception of your room, meals and the health / swimming pool area.
The maintenance of the social distance of 1 m is required.
At the entrances from outside and at the entrance of the room there are disinfectant gel dispensers as hand disinfection is required, it is also recommended to wash hands frequently to ensure maximum hygiene inside the structure and for our customers than for us and our employees.
We ask our customers every morning (including the day of departure) before leaving the room to open all the windows and folding windows (not wide open) to allow the airing before they are redone by the waitresses on the floors.
In the dining room, the mask can only be removed when sitting at the table as well as in the bar and in the lobby only for the consumption of drinks and food.
The breakfast buffet will be served, the customer can go with the mask worn to him, and one of our collaborators will be happy to serve everything for you, for drinks the customer can go independently always wearing the mask at the coffee machines with his cup that will be set on the table
Dinner remains unchanged and served at the table as before, the only difference will be the absence of the salad buffet, it will be served at the table.
On the bar / hall tables customers will find a card with 2 colors, one green and one red side, the green side indicates that the table is clean while we ask to turn once the table has been left on the red one so that we can clean it.
The service at the bar counter is possible but is limited to the time strictly necessary for the drink, the social distance of 1 m must be respected.
The swimming pool and health area is accessible to a maximum of 20 people, to allow all customers to have the opportunity to access it is unfortunately necessary to book their "shift" at the reception day by day, the shifts will be 1 hour and can be booked by previous day and until seats are exhausted, we ask our customers to respect their shifts in order to allow everyone to make the best use of the service; within the health area there is no obligation to wear a mask but there is also an obligation to respect the social distance of 1 m, as continuous sanitation of the shower changing room is impossible, this will remain closed, therefore only open showers will be available, and the bathroom in case of need equipped with disinfectant to be used independently in case of use.
A maximum of 3 people are allowed inside the Finnish sauna at the same time while in the calidarium the maximum number of occupants will be 4 people, in the whirlpool 6 people, in the first two cases only spouses, family members and people with whom they frequently entertain are allowed reports, for whirlpool and swimming pool the meter is in force
The use of the lift is allowed to one person at a time excluding families and people who have frequent relationships.
On the ground floor in the stairway there is a brochure holder, with the brochures available at the hotel on display, in case of interest they are available on request at the reception.
All hotel staff will be careful to ensure the highest hygiene standards to create a safe environment for our customers and for themselves.
In case of occurrence of symptoms that could be related to covid, please do not leave the room and notify the reception that will assist you.