Fassa Sky Expo in Trentino

Fassa Sky Expo


FASSA SKY EXPO 2018 is the fifth edition of the free flight-related event to be held in Campitello di Fassa (Dolomiti-Italy) on 28-29- 30 september 2018. It will be possible to test for the first time the news presented at Coupe Icare in Saint Hilaire the week before flying over the Dolomites of the Val di Fassa and Trentino, the most beautiful mountains in the world!

After the success obtained in the previous editions of the EXPO, it is with great pleasure that the friends of Icarus Flying Team Val di Fassa are ready to open the registration to the event and present the program of its fifth edition.


The fair will be open to the public in three days from 09.00 to 18.30.
During the three days of Expo there will also be food and drinks, parties and events that will make the fair an unforgettable experience!