Entorn Vich: gastronomic holidays in val di Fassa

  • Entorn Vich vacanze gastronomiche in val di Fassa trentino hotel

Entorn Vich: the holiday between flavors and scents of the valley of Fassa - Trentino south Tyrol

Entorn Vich is the most famous and known event for our Vigo di Fassa.

This is an organized gourmet event for the summer .

With over 100 volunteers and 17 gourmet and tasting booths, you can taste the typical tastes and flavors of our culinary and local tradition: from fruit juices to apple cider, from Trentino wines to handmade beer, to the wide range of products selected from the Streets of Wine and Flavors of Trentino Alto Adige and the Fassa valley.

There will be entertainment for children and 4 music venues where you can enjoy the typical traditional Ladin and Tyrolean music!

Along the way you will be able to admire all the artisans who will be engaged to demonstrate the ancient crafts and local arts of our valley: from herbal preparations to painting, wood sculpture to butter preparation, spinning of wool to creating jewelry with local stones... and much more!