Typical Trentino evening

Andreas will cook typical Trentino dishes for you… and more!

Where to enjoy the tastes of traditional cooking

At the restaurant of the Hotel Sonne Sole the traditions of the past, those handed down from father to son, are not forgotten: Remember times past by enjoying once again the recipes that our grandmother cooked when we were little, such as Smacafam savoury cake, spezzatino stew, wild game, Strudel... and other typical dishes in the Trentino tradition, and more...

Our German origins, which remain strong and present even in the contemporary atmosphere of the Hotel Sonne Sole, ensure that the kitchen produces a perfect blend of aromas and flavours that are partly connected to German tradition and also partly connected to Mediterranean and Trentino culinary culture.

For this reason, at the Hotel Sonne Sole we organise a candlelit dinner on Sundays and public holidays, and once a week, a typical Trentino evening.